Formal draft – 3rd essay

Dear all,

Hope you enjoyed the celebrations.

Our third formal draft is due Monday December 2nd at noon (12pm) .

Word limit 1500-200

Please drop your files in this drop box.

Don’t forget to take a snapshot of your submission including the timestamp.

I will email on Monday naming 5 of the submissions, you have to read and provide comments to, for Tuesday class.

Kind regards,


Assignment 3.1 – Zero Draft

Hi class,

You will bring a hard copy of your zero draft to class on Tuesday November 24 as instructed in class.

In this draft your thesis must be clearly stated and underlined. You must also be clear about the two sources you are using. We will go around the class, workshop all theses and mention our chosen sources.

Tuesday November 26 Zero draft due (Minimum 300 words)

Monday December 2nd -12pm: Formal draft due (1500-2000 words)

Tuesday December 3rd: 1st round of workshops (Conference Hour: workshoppers stays)

Thursday December 5th: 2nd round of workshops (Conference Hour:: workshoppers stays)

Tuesday December 10th: 3rd round of workshops (Conference Hour:: workshoppers stays)

Thursday December 12th: 4th round of workshops (Conference Hour:: workshoppers stays)-Last day

Film Presentation (For essay 3)

Hi all,

Next week in addition to your final second essay, your film presentation (for essay based on your film of choice) is due as well.

In your presentation, in addition to screening your trailer (you can post trailer link below as a comment, or to my email), you will also speak a few minutes addressing below questions:

-What most interests you about this film? (Philosophically)

-What would you like to study as a result in this essay?

-What is the topic that you are interested in researching (pertinent to the film)?

-What is your research question?

-What is your evolving thesis?

This is the handout about topic and research questions in case you need a refresher.

These are not cut and dry questions for presentation, these are mostly to get you started on thinking about your research and thesis, you can expand on the topic as much as you like, your time allowing. Please make this presentation engaging and interesting. You can make a powerpoint presentation or bring handouts if you wish. Please don’t read from your notes, prepare for a proper speech.

You will each have 10 minutes maximum.


Nastaja, Nataniel, Adam, Herold, Yahya, Kathryn, Christian. G, Gianna


Syed, Catherine, Marlon, Sebastian, Yanping, Christian. P, Harrison, Leonid, Yoni

I was really sorry to see many of you missing the library class today. This class was tremendously necessary for your researches. Please understand that although your communication is necessary and appreciated, attendance is still an important component of your grade in addition to your essay and some of you have already passed the maximum number of classes you could miss and still pass this class.


Looking forward to next week,


Final Essay 2

Hi class,

Your final draft of second essay is due next Tuesday November 19

Bring a hard copy of your essay to class AND drop your exported word document file in this dropbox before class.

When you drop your file, take a snapshot (of the dropbox including your file and timestamp) and keep as your receipt demonstrating your submission time.

Word limit: 1500-2000

Late submissions or submissions not meeting guidelines will not be accepted.

You will be graded based on the same rubric you have graded your peers.

In case you are unsure about the header here it is:


Full name

Professor’s name along with title

Course name

Assignment name

word count

(Don’t forget the running head): citation handout


On Tuesday and Thursday, your presentations are also due.

Please take a look at presentation page for guidelines and your presentation day.

Assignment 2.6

Dear class,

For next Tuesday please answer the revision questions from our revision handout about your own essay. Please bring it as a hard copy to class.

For those of you who still need the handout from Tuesday to send feedback, you can find it here.

Have a pleasant weekend.

Kind regards,


Announcement 2.5

Dear class,

For Thursday we might need laptops in class.

Those of you who were in class do not have a homework.

Those of you who were absent: Harrisson, Yoni, Christian Pritchard, Sebastian, Catherine do the below homework and stay for conference hour on Thursday.

You will print out and read each other’s essays while printing and filling out this handout (This work will take a couple of hours at least so please dedicate time). I don’t want you guys miss this handout as it’s tremendously helpful. Find each other’s essays in dropbox:

Harrisson read Yoni’s (Yehonatan Borochov)

Yoni read Christian Pritchard’s

Christian Pritchard read Sebastian’s

Sebastion read Catherine’s

Catherine read Harrison’s

As mentioned above you have to answer the questions on the handout and give your friend a grade, so take a look at the questions before starting to read the essay.

For grading:

Masterful +1 point

Skillful +0.75

Dveloping +0.5

Deficient 0

Divide the sum  by 3 (since there are 12 items and the grade is out of four). If you have any question about this homework email me or ask your classmates, but make sure you do it.


Kind regards,





Formal draft – Essay 2

Dear class,

I decided it’s best if I give you an extension until our Tuesday class for your final draft (this is not the rubric one, this is the one with heavy commenting on my end.

Please note that we are alredy a week behind, and this extension is because some of you asked you still have ongoing exams.

So please please make sure you work on this during the weekend, since I know we are all busy during the week with work and classes

So in addition to hard copy you bring to class, please drop your file in this dropbox, so I have access to both versions.

Word count is minumim 1500 and maximum 1700 words. It’s ok if you go over, but make sure it’s a readable length.

Don’t forget: Thesis, Motive, shot by shot analysis, PAS paragraphing, incorporating 2 sources along with proper citation (they say, I say) and works cited at the end.

I suggested a great book to Yanping who is working on AI ethics, you can find it on Genesis library called: Machine Ethics (for those of you working on AI).

Have a great essayie weekend.

Kind regards,


Assignment 2.4

Dear class,

For Tuesday


This handout  as we will discuss it in class.



Your first paragraph (of your essay), and indicate all your paragraphs thereafter with a sentence or two (what the paragraph is going to say and what it is going to do) while there is no need to fully write the paragraphs, point briefly to what your plans are for all your paragraphs.

Your first paragraph: must contain your thesis, your motive and work efficiently.

While this is seemingly a short writing, it requires you to navigate where you are headed with your essay. Make sure your thesis is working (you have probably analyzed it a few times to get to your thesis), your motive is functional and your essay is in good shape structurally (check out the second page of effective paragraphnig handout and PAS paragraphs). If you work your way through this first paragraph, and you have a good idea of your following paragraphs, writing the essay must be much easier for you. Your formal draft is due the following week.

*Have both your souces ready. 

Submit this in hard copy and I will read these while we are working in class.

We will dedicate the next class to working on your essays both through peer work and individualized feedback, so make sure you are present with your laptop or tablet (or any other writing devie you normally use) and we will have a good plan for your essay by the end of class.

Kind regards,


Assignment 2.3

Dear class,

For Thursday, please choose two paragraphs of your source which you assume necessary to incorporate in your final essay. For each paragraph, write

1- A summary

2-Paraphrase it

Please post this on blog before 11am on Thursday.

Make sure you include the two source paragraphs before adding your work.

Your writing (separate from the paragraphs) must be minimum 100 words.

Looking forward to Thursday,


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